NCE offers member services in almost every business category. We add new members every day but some of our main business segments are advertising, gifts and entertainment, children’s services, business and technology, professional services, inside maintenance and personal services. Regardless of what title you fall into, we can help you make the most of your assets.

First, you will meet our NCE team of trade brokers and have one specifically assigned to your business. Their goal is to market your business to the network and make the most of the possibilities you have. They bring back those possibilities and meet your needs. Again- this is done without the transaction of cash because you have a trade account to work with.

Your trade account consists of what you want to barter with. Let’s say you own a warehouse and have an overstock of party supplies. These supplies have been sitting there for the good portion of a year. They are fully usable, but just not moving when sent to retail outlets. Normally, they would take up valuable space until you either give them away or make the decision to completely write them off. Your broker, however knows that a company that specializes in children’s parties always needs party supplies. He reaches out to them and they agree to accept the supplies and give you compete party set up for four parties throughout the year. The transaction is made and no money exchanges hands. But, both parties are happy. You get rid of your unused inventory and free up space for more valuable merchandise. The company gets their supplies. NCE creates win-win situations like this every day!

Our valuable doesn’t stop there though. In addition to our trading services, we also offer our members:

• Weekly emails outlining new additions to the NCE network

• Access to the services of our Travel Department

• Access to the services of our Media Department for advertising help

• A trained NCE trade broker to guide your trades

• Access to our outstanding network of providers

• Distribution of your trade flyers and brochures to our members

• Regional exposure to expand your business market

This means that beyond our core competency of bartering, we offer the support our network members need to successfully man their business. Our goal is to allow all of our members the opportunity to efficiently manage their assets.

In addition though, we also offer tradeshows where business members can personally showcase their products and services. We have a monthly newsletter that promotes our members and we send daily emails. We also offer complete customized support every month in the form of statements. You will receive the same type of report you would receive from a bank. We’ll summarize all of your monthly bartering transactions, give you your trade account value, and any fees due.

NCE works hard to bring consistent value to our customers by offering services extending the basic bartering we are founded on. You are going to see how much we bring and how we can strategically put your entire asset base to work!