About Us

NCE, the National Commerce Exchange, was founded in 1980. For over thirty-five years we have been providing business owners with logical and valuable solutions that satisfy their financial needs. Just like any business we started small, but quickly we have gained over 2,500 members. They understand our purpose and see the value of bartering for goods and services. Let’s face it, bartering is not a new idea. It has been around for centuries, but no one company has capitalized on it the way we do. By building our entire business model on it, we are able to give business owners the assets they need, without the high cost required to purchase it.

Our solutions are valued by businesses all over the country and we are working hard to expand our coverage. Though we began in the northeastern part of the country, we are quickly moving west. Companies see our value and reach out to us to join our network of providers. Where else can you find an entire new network to market to?

Another unique aspect of the NCE network is our trade brokers. Our members are not on their own when it comes to managing transactions. Rather, our trained brokers step in to orchestrate. Not only do they keep abreast of any need, but they proactively seek out opportunities. Remember that NCE is your partner. Yes, you do the bartering, but we do a lot of the leg work for you. We want you to be successful and make the most of your valuable inventory and service assets.

NCE offers an economic advantage for recuperating the value of your under-performing assets. No longer does inventory have to go untouched and lose value. No longer does your service have to go unmanned and cease to bring in value month after month. Now, we offer a strategic solution that benefits the entire network.

By teaming up with NCE you are putting the entirety of your business asset package to work for you. No longer do you have a stagnant product line or service offering. Now, you can market your true worth and bring value back. Let us show you how!